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We are a Social Media Branding Agency with Freelance Digital Marketers who don’t just post! We analyze your brand’s identity and we create fresh and trending content for actual results. 

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Maria Fragkaki

CEO @Lemonpie, Digital Marketing Instructor, Google Trainer @Grow with Google

Hi, I’m Maria, your guide to this lemonicious digital journey! My passion for social media and my obsession with branding, led me to start Lemonpie, so that I can showcase your business’ identity through a progressive social media strategy.

Our Services

Social Media Management & Advertising

Posting just for the sake of being active on social media is not my go-to model. We will work closely together to develop a results-oriented plan for your social media. This plan will highlight your strengths, and make your USP even more unique!

Content Marketing

Everyone knows that content on Social Media is the king! Specifically, we believe in massive content creation, which will lead to a long-term online establishment. It’s the cheapest way to give your business to your clients and beat the competition. It also helps your business build an online community, which will turn into loyal customers.

Marketing Plan

When developing a strategic marketing strategy, you want to create an “a-ha” moment in the customer’s mind. Increasing the “a-ha” moments will lead you to more sales and a high-credibility status. These ideas are developed in the marketing plan after studying your customers’ personas, your brand’s elements, and your own unique selling point.

Our awesome partners

We couldn't be more proud for these cooperations

Projects we are proud of

Techstars Startup Weekend COVID19

Startup Weekend is one of the most popular youth entrepreneurship development institutions in the world today. Participants are invited to form teams and to develop and present comprehensive business plans within just 54 hours, under the guidance of mentors from the business, academic and investment sectors. Maria was honored to be a part of the organizing team, managing the social media of the event and speaking at the Lightning Talks about Social Media during COVID19.

FIDE Checkmate Coronavirus

From 18th May to 16th June, 2020, the International Chess Federation, FIDE, has decided to hold 2,762 online tournaments across major online chess platforms. With massive social media & promotion actions, we managed to have more than 510k entries from 140+ countries and 60+ national chess. It was the biggest official event in terms of participation and non-stop games running, organized by any sports federation, ever!

Be Your Own Boss | Prince's Trust

Maria had the honor to be invited to participate as a mentor in the Prince's Trust International Entrepreneurship Program in Greece - Be Your Own Boss, implemented by Corallia and Action Finance Initiative, with the support of Prince's Trust International. The program aims to support unemployed or underemployed young people, aged 18-30, to start their own business, focusing on young people facing social and economic integration difficulties.

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Kind Words

"It is refreshing and inspiring to work with someone like Maria. I was particularly impressed by Maria’s passion for her work and her level of knowledge and efficiency. Apart from being very understanding, her great communication skills enable her to provide dynamic support, great advice, to the point regarding social media strategy, increasing website/social media account traffic, and customer engagement."
Georgios Stergiou OneMBA, BEng (Hons)
Co-Founder & Partner at XINTRIX S.R.L.
"I was delighted to attend Maria's LinkedIn Marketing seminar. She has a thorough grasp of the platform and of the possibilities it avails for personal and business growth. I received invaluable advice and answers to some long-standing questions. But I am most impressed by her ability to share this knowledge in a fun, engaging and informative way. Highly recommended!"
Thanos Kastritis
Scrum Professional | Data Science Expert | Developer
"I attended Maria’s seminar on how to work your LinkedIn profile. Maria has a charisma of communicating her knowledge in a very practical, clear cut way. She makes you feel at ease and I felt I could ask whatever could cross my mind without feeling intimidated.

Veronica Palaiokrassa
Founder at Rountes Fountes


Why lemonpie?

A lemon pie is sour but sweet, just like marketing! The moment you eat it, you never forget it. The moment you see it, you know what it is. Is there any better branding strategy than this?!

Are you designers?

No, we are Marketers! We work with designers to make sure that your brand identity will be highlighted and empowered by your social media presence.

What is Social Media Branding?

It’s a progressive way to work on Social Media. We don’t just post random content, but we study your brand’s identity and create efficient content. 

What is branding?

Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.


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